A Poem For Distraction

This Shakespearean sonnet was written for my english class. The sonnet is 14 lines with 10 syllables each, follows the a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g rhyme scheme, and includes a volta. Enjoy!

Chipped Paint

Admiring a vast wall: delicate blue.
Amidst a plethora of perfection,
One subtle chip disrupts a holy hue.
Lost in thought, I shift my mind’s direction.

What is this chip’s story? Is she lost, too?
She was a rebel, breaking free from the
Shackles of conformity: I construe.
Interrupted- my conscious makes a plea:

“Be more productive! Stop the excuses.”
I am scared of distraction, however
Genius is what distraction induces.
This chip is an insightful endeavor.

Distraction is creative potential.
Granting my mind’s wander is essential.