Hi from Texas!

I have been at the Clark Scholars summer research program at Texas Tech for a week; the time flew by. The campus is beautiful with Spanish Renaissance architecture that has a few hidden gems. (Check out the photos!) It is consistently sunny and I learn something new everyday from the other brilliant Clark Scholars. I am loving every minute of this! 

This experience has challenged me intellectually beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I am studying the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd). The fungus is responsible for global frog mass extinction. In the quest for creative solutions, I am forced to synthesize all of my knowledge of biology and chemistry.  I am guided by an inspiring and insightful mentor, Dr. Michael San Francisco. He is kind-hearted and has an animated curiosity that is contagious. I work alongside doctors, postgraduates and researchers in the most advanced lab I have ever seen. I feel like a real scientist. I am incredibly lucky to be here and cannot wait to see what happens in the lab. Let's save kermit!