Growing up

Have you ever felt a rush of emotions, just from listening to a song? I was on a plane, listening to one of my favorite songs, Growing Up by Canvas. Music can communicate with us, in ways that words cannot. Here is what resonates with me:

I'm quite scared of growing up
I'm 17, let's go have fun
I'm tired of thinking about my future now
I take every day as it comes
I'm tired of thinking about my future now
I'm not ready for growing up
It's not fair
I'm only young, why should I be making all the decisions? 

I want to feel proud, love and hope

It's quite exciting this growing up

A rush of emotions condensed into the form of a single question: "What do I want to be when I grow up?" I took a pause. Someone had asked me that question a few hours ago. My response was “I don’t know! I like everything!” That response was unsatisfying and I was asked a follow up question, “What job would make you happy?” I responded, “If I could be a biochemistry researcher/lawyer/entrepreneur/philosopher/journalist/philanthropist that would be great.” We laughed.

Asking myself that question was different. After some reflecting, here is what I have concluded:

  1.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” assumes that I am not contented with what I already am and/or that there is a certain point at which I will be done “growing." 
  2. I want to grow my experiences, personality, thoughts, and actions for the rest of my life. I always want to be in a state of “growing.” Therefore, I cannot answer the question.
  3. We should ask “grown-ups” what they want to be when they grow up. When I am  considered a "grown-up," I don't want to be done "growing up."