Learning to Ride a Bike

I remember learning how to ride a bike, like it was yesterday. I started with training wheels and consistent practice. When I graduated from training wheels, my father held the handle bar, as my guide. Slow and steady, that is how I learned to ride a bike.

If learning something new, physically, requires this type of practice, then learning something new, emotionally, should require the same.

Since dedicating my senior year to emotional health (click here), I have learned a very important lesson: supporting healthy emotions is just like learning how to ride a bike. It is okay to ask for help; it is okay to make mistakes; it is okay to fall down. Feeling the way that you want to feel is hard work that requires consistency, motivation, and dedication.

It is time that we recognize that broken emotions require the same attention as a broken leg. It is time that we recognize that learning how to feel happier requires the same attention as learning how to ride a bike.